An abreviation for mother/mom such as the police is to po po.
The Po Po was questioning the Mo Mo to see if her son was still sleeping while the robbery was in pursuit.
by cricketnahhh0 September 04, 2018
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Short for Mormon, used by visitors to Salt Lake City, other highly Mormon populated places, or around Massachusetts governer Mitt Romney so as not to offend the Mormons. Usually used in a derogetory sense but not a derogetory word.
So the Mormons, (see Mitt Romney coming) I mean, the mo-mo's really started Salt Lake city with 3 women? What weirdo's!
by Mister N February 24, 2006
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Bill is such a mo-mo, even that retard Joe thinks he's an idiot.
by stephen_ June 09, 2005
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A slang term used in Utah for a Mormon, or one who practices the Mormom "religion" read cult.
That family across the street sure is mo mo. They have a lot of kids.
by Karen Shelton November 02, 2006
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