39 definitions by Duncan

A woman so attractive that one look at her will turn any man's flaccid member to stone.
A blonde cock medusa enters the room, causing a whimsical "sproinngggg" sound to emanate from Jack's trousers.
by Duncan July 12, 2004
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Or Colored (US)

Possibly the most offensive racial slur of them all. Use implys that being black (or non-white) is a sensitive issue that needs to be skirted around.
I think he might be... you know... coloured
by Duncan July 13, 2004
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Greatest Brewers in the entire world, famous for their Pale Ale amongst others.
Fuck oath this is a great brew, must be a coopers.
by Duncan September 7, 2003
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A woman of questionable background, with whom sex would necessitate wearing two condoms.
Q: Would you screw Paris Hilton?
A: Sure, but I'd double up on the jimmy hats 'cuz she's a double bagger.
by Duncan February 19, 2005
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When you are boning a Jewish American Princess and you spin her around while she is riding your cock.
by Duncan October 21, 2004
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Liverpool Football Club and their supporters who, as is well documented, like to fuck their mothers.
give me a stanley knife mate- in fact, make it two, we're playing the Red Shite on saturday
by Duncan April 4, 2004
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