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Another way of sayin nigger. Haha. It just sounds funnier!
Quit bangin my hood you nijjers!
by Philip April 27, 2004
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In the Power Rangers universe, it means to use a device such as a belt buckle or wrist gadget to effect an near-instantaneous, yet special effects laden transformation from ordinary person to costumed crimefighter.
by Philip January 23, 2004
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That is some very skunky weed.
by Philip December 8, 2004
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literally, "special effects" a genre of Japanese live action audio-visual entertainment usually, but not always, involving super heroes/heroines comabtting evil monsters, whether life sized or gigantic. Tokusatsu in particular, refers to the sounds, special effects, costumes, and props used in creating the adventures of said heroes.
Ultraman and Masked Rider are the fathers of the tokusatsu genre.
by Philip January 22, 2004
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stuck up town full of rich bastards, jerks and snobs. rebels- Michael Lange, Luke Cronin, Tim Krusell, Mike Moore, Adam elamine.
Douchebag duxbury
by Philip April 22, 2004
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Gardan Blocc Crips, a Sacramento gang.
"I am g from the GBC" - C-Bo
by Philip April 27, 2003
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