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stuck up town full of rich bastards, jerks and snobs. rebels- Michael Lange, Luke Cronin, Tim Krusell, Mike Moore, Adam elamine.
Douchebag duxbury
by Philip April 22, 2004
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a girl that blows your mind because of how beautiful she is.
"Look at girly over there! Thats not a dime, thats a fe-nom!"
by Philip May 18, 2004
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extreme gayness 2 guys who are madly in love (or girls but thats lesbionalityness)
bryan showd alot of homosexualalityness twoard john
by Philip March 28, 2005
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A hooray (also Hooray Benry) is in British English, an upper-class male, probably university-age or a bit older, who thinks it's amusing to be loud, and rude to social 'inferiors',and the locals, especially waitresses. (In 'Trainspotting', the book not the film, a waitress hets her revenge by putting her tampon in a Hooray's soup before she serves it to him.) They wear striped shirts and try to talk a bit deeper than normal people.
I'm glad I didn't go to university in Edinburgh, it's full of Hoorays.
by Philip June 10, 2004
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(for males) when the balls slap together with the thighs of your leg.
may happen when u shake your leg
by Philip March 24, 2005
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Gardan Blocc Crips, a Sacramento gang.
"I am g from the GBC" - C-Bo
by Philip April 27, 2003
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