The act of an individual with male genitalia reaching into his (or her) drawls to physically move his (or her) dick and ballsack around in an effort to optimize comfort—usually whilst sitting down, and often performed in public.
Seated at the picnic table across from Aunt Phoebe, I found that my thighs were squishing my junk and I was kind of sitting on top of my Schwetty balls, so I had to rearrange.
by Waarlowe January 7, 2021
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to reassemble an older woman's breast during school hours
"Alex rearranged Mrs. D's nipples yesterday in the janitor's closet," said Meagan to Jacob.

"Attention! Alex to the front office! Mrs. D needs assistance with some rearrangement."
by The Jesus Room June 17, 2011
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Having your guts rearranged means either that a guy’s dick is so large it hits the top of your cervix and mimics the pain in your guts, or when your having anal sex.
“Yo... I got my guts rearranged by Aryn last night. We had a lot of fun.”
by Caleb Clulow April 27, 2018
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When you fall your clock back in October, don't forget about the year fall rearrangement. Also don't forget about spring clean up when you spring your clock forward.
by Sexydimma June 3, 2015
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Said when you want to leave a group or gathering to go have sex without actually saying it.
We have to go rearrange the furniture - see you in a couple hours.
by Junior's Girlfriend May 6, 2011
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A term for anal sex, (butthole pleasrures)
"I know it sounds gross, but after he was rearranging corn, I felt the need for a kiss."
by C. Davis January 5, 2008
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