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The exact meaning has long since been lost, but most can agree that the phrase "Oh prease," can be utilized in any way to say virtually anything.
Oh prease mah shiddy horse-boy prease
by TheLoudestFan October 27, 2008

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(n.) A name for a woman known for harboring many varieties of STDs, despite a potentially minimal sexual history.

Also, a term of endearment for the revered women of B.O.O.T.
B.O.O.T. slutes rock!

That one slute totally hit me in the face with a few of her STDs on the bus today.
by TheLoudestFan April 20, 2009

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(n.) A shot of alcohol in which you get on your knees, have somebody else pour enough chocolate syrup into your mouth to cover your tongue, then take a 1 to 1.5 oz. shot of peppermint schnapps. Also known as a variation of the Dirty Girl Scout.
Get on your knees and take this Peppermint Patty!
by TheLoudestFan November 30, 2009

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(n.) Also known as a Mighty Brachi, this majestic animal has come to represent all things B.O.O.T. Like the fabled organization, this animal is both powerful and mysterious, and its name is quite fun to say. Channeling the spirit of this animal requires a hand motion resembling the its slender, flexible neck.

An example of this animal can be found in the terminal of the Chicago O'Hare International Airport.
BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBrachiosaurus! Mata-mata-mata-mata-mata!
by TheLoudestFan April 16, 2009

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(proper noun)- Est. 2003, this is an organization devoted to the propagation of pure awesome, in my face. The words of the acronym have long since been lost in the pages of history. B.O.O.T. members (BOOTies) can often be spotted at Roscoe's, asking for the "Number 3, mah prease?" whilst consuming syrup shots. BOOTies generally enjoy chain gangs, monkey noises, little boys, and horses. They are not impressed by needle-dicks.
I pledged B.O.O.T.

Oh prease mah shiddy horse boy pony B.O.O.T. prease.
by TheLoudestFan October 15, 2008

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(n.) A mythical creature with the head of a cobra, the neck and tail of a brachiosaurus, and the body of a modern tank. One of the few species to actually have a catch phrase: "Amaze your friends. Devour your enemies. Then devour your friends." Also, the only creature known to have evolutionarily developed a complex ballistics system as a means of predatory attack.
My pet cobrachiosaurus tank destroyed my old high school in a matter of 3 minutes. It was AWESOME.

Tank, tank, here comes the cobrachiosaurus tank!
by TheLoudestFan April 20, 2009

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The standard currency of the mystical society known as B.O.O.T. This item is usually received in the mouth, but can also be accepted into the pants, and is flexible enough to receive various items into itself.
Little boys in my mouth, prease?
by TheLoudestFan October 29, 2008

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