A monkey that lives in somebody's butt, or a very pesky person who you want to feed to a rabid Mako shark.
Stop being such a butt-monkey and help me clean this garage!
by Shawn B. May 22, 2003
One who is led astray very easily, and is gullible to the point of embarrassment.
"I have been used as bait THREE times, and I am no longer going to be anyone's butt monkey"
by Maximillion July 23, 2005
The monkey that lives inside you butthole. Many legends have been and rumors have been spread about the mysterious butt monkey and all of them are true. The butt monkey possess many powers including the ability to swing from dingleberries and smoke tons and tons of weed. He resides in everyone's butthole, but few know he's there because he only reveals himself twice a year, on St. Patrick's Day and September 23. Don't ask why he just does.
"Dude what the hell is a butt monkey?"
It's the monkey that lives in your butthole!!!!
by BigWood33 March 6, 2011
A stupid follower of a ridiculously over rated thing.A brainless idiot whos idea and opinions should not be allowed to be heard
You like Bose you butt monkey
by bob griffiths March 10, 2004
Monkeys that fly out of your butt after stating: "Yeah...and monkeys might fly out of my butt!"
Hillary Clinton is a Butt Monkey.
by Gary Hendrickson September 14, 2006
a term appropriate when someone has upset you by being an idiot.
'Hey. You shouldn't have done that butt monkey!'
'Um, no one says 'She is called.' Butt monkey!!!'
by apologeticbuttmonkey April 24, 2008
One who pleasures himself inserting his penis in another man's butt hole. butt monkey is also in conjunction with the noises made while engaged in anal sex.
by wmotor December 31, 2009