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Highly overrated company that manufactures inferrior audio components that fail to compete with equipment in a pricerange that undercuts many Bose products tenfold.

Paper cones, 'secret' frequency response, and wide gaps in the crossover dynamics make for muddy and empty sound with high distortion in the upper ranges coupled with limited bass response from the 'bass module,' which is little more than 3 small drivers arranged in a sequence.
No highs, no lows, must be Bose!
by Daniel Roberts November 26, 2003
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A crap speaker brand that is there to rip you off.
"My speakers suck"

"My headphones fell apart"

"My subwoofer is talking"

"My computer speakers sound like dollar store headphones in a paper towel roll"

"How much did you pay for this?! It sounds so much better than my Bose system!"
by Lasagna Feet December 16, 2008
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Speaker corp considered highly of by average consumers who have never compared bose to anything other than their $50 radio.

Speaker corp whose flagshit $3500 Lifestyle50 is outperformed by a $700 Onkyo model.

What gullible people buy when they have too much money to spend and not enough time to research.

A name who ignites flames in the hearts of audio enthusiast

A speaker corp who uses shoddy materials, overprices the product, and places displays and demos next to $200 models in order to sound decent by comparison

A speaker corp who uses 5" subwoofers in a $3500 home theater system (note: 5" does not a subwoofer make)

A gullible consumer magnet
Bose uses the same speakers for the $3500 and the $1500 model.
by OriginalReaper December 22, 2003
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Overpriced speakers that everyone beleives are good when they have paper cones and shitty worksmanship
I feel like wasting money, I should buy some Bose
by Anonymous November 05, 2003
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a company known across the industry by their slogan "no highs? no lows? MUST be bose!" enough said
my system sucks!
It must be bose!
by JFelds April 08, 2007
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