Term of endearment: Can be used to describe a significant other or a loved one in a silly way.
I love you Monkey Butt!!
by I love erin :) March 3, 2009
When you stay in wet clothing (usually swimming trunks) for to long, you're butt begins to itch.
Thus causing you to scratch it profusely, often ending in you looking like a monkey.
Dude, I went swimming and never dried myself off, now I have the worst case of monkey butt ever!
by Paradox@pawngame.com July 22, 2010
A term used to describe a man or woman who can grow hair fully, and to a substantial length on the buttocks.
Before the hair transplant, Roy was a Monkey Butt.
by DrooDroo March 21, 2011
When your ass gets all sweaty and chaffed from recieving too much anal sex.
Best when a banana is used and the act is performed in your brand new kitchen.
Jeff Misner has the nastiest monkey butt i've ever seen.
by Jennie August 2, 2004
Invented very recently, this word is used as an exclamation of various sorts, but noticeably an exclamation of overwhelming suprise.
Chris Bradford: How much is rent on that apartment?

Dude: $1500 dollars.

Chris Bradford: SWEET MONKEY BUTT FUCKER that is expensive
by mista_g October 28, 2005
an actual thing, a powder that prevents swampass, balls, similar to gold bond
by Roofuhlyn January 30, 2010
Having a severe case of monkey butt. Can be caused by chaffing of the butt cheeks, diarrhea, eating too many buffalo wings, hemorrhoids,or anything else that can irritate the rump.
Dude, after drinking a bottle of hot sauce, eating two cans of habaneros, and using 80 grit sandpaper to as t.p., I have a severe case of red hot monkey butt...got any Tucks?
by Jeff Nordberg August 11, 2007