words, actions, or behavior making someone seem laughable and ridiculous

(Note: Ridiculing isn't necessarily teasing. Teasing implies saying or doing something unkind or ridiculing towards another, but that was done just out of silliness, which is why it's common to say, "I was only teasing. I was just joking")
Will Smith constantly ridiculed Carlton on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

"You could make George Bush look young," I ridiculed my wife before she threw my pillow and blanket on the couch.

After Henry ridiculed me today at school, all the students bursted in laughter.

ridicule may or may not be done in a teasing manner. Some ridicule hurts

John is usually just teasing when he ridicules me so I never make anything of it.
by Rick Warwick August 28, 2008
To tease someone or something. Also, to be the object of teasing by others.
Mike was the object of ridicule when the bullies ripped his arm off and shoved it up his ass. He was referred to as "tripod" ever since.
by Eye See Eye March 31, 2005
A measure of how severely an act or happening should be ridiculed and criticized based on the double-standards of pop culture. In other words, how ridiculable (expresses whether or not something is held to the standard of being ridiculed) something is.
That girl's outfit ranked a straight 69 on the ridiculability scale!
by UrbanMasterBait October 20, 2016
A show where Rob Dyrdek reviews videos previously shown on Daniel Tosh's show Tosh.0.
Matt- "Hey Joe, did you watch Ridiculousness last night?"
Joe- "No I didn't. But I watch Tosh.0 so I've already seen all of the videos that Rob shows. Don't be a tool Matt."
by insaner338 September 16, 2011
A word for things so ridiculious, you had to make up a word just to describe them.
by Doug Arley April 30, 2004
To take a material possesion and spend a ton of money on it making it out of this world.

To bling the sh#t out of something.
Buy a new Corvette, then give a speed shop $100k to ridiculize it. It will be the fastest thing on 4 wheels.
by DONALD GEORGE November 7, 2007