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An adjective used to describe an event which was equally boring and tiresome.
The lecture was snoring.
by Jennie March 22, 2003
1. I can't come into work today, I've been snagglebagged.

2. Those terrorists snagglebagged the planes on 9/11.

3. Little Sally was riding her bike home when the ice cream man snagglebagged her and raped her. Aka Dad.
by Jennie January 9, 2009
Reffering to The Boy With The Thorn In His Side, the character in Pete Wentz's book.

See also: Clandestine Industries, Fall Out Boy
"The Boy is adorable in an ugly sort of way. You can't help but love him."
by Jennie April 16, 2005
bitchslap; when bitches slap yo ass real hard
guy: you fuckin mufukin`-
girl: *slaps*
by Jennie October 5, 2004
A playful insult.
See also homosexual bear.
Benjamin won't upload pictures of himself from his trip because he is a ninnie bear.
by Jennie January 9, 2009
happy,perky,excessivly happy, just zany in general
Im feeling simply zippy today!
by Jennie December 9, 2002
An amazing band from Chicago that used to be on Fueled By Ramen, an awesome record label from Tampa. Now they're on Island, but that's okay, we're still in love. Fall Out Boy has already released Evening Out With Your Girlfriend and Take This To Your Grave, and on May 3rd, 2005, From Under The Cork Tree will come out. Fall Out Boy is made up of Pete Wentz, who plays bass, writes lyrics, and screams, Patrick Stump, who sings, plays guitar, and writes music, Joe Trohman, who plays guitar, and Andy Hurley, who plays drums, and is extra-special because he's a vegan.

See also: Clandestine Industries
"Everyone loves a Fall Out Boy!"
by Jennie April 15, 2005