A city in the north off England full off real men, grafters, Asians, smackheads and all round nice people one off the best places to be raised and will make you into a real man.
by Ultimate_grafter June 17, 2018
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A northern town full of pakis, chavs, real men, hard bastards, murders and frequent riots.

Not to be fucked with.
Southerner: Where are you from?
Bradfordian: Bradford, mate.
Southerner: Ouch, I hear it's rough up there. If I were to venture into that particular area, I'd need to take my mummy for company.
Bradfordian: Fuck off, you soft southern cunt.
by Chris Carrion July 11, 2008
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Literally the most dangerous fucking city in the whole of the UK. Never come here if you don't want to get stabbed. Full of chavs, Bradford Brothers and drug dealers/addicts
Bob: Am going to Bradford in me holidays
Gav: Fuckin ell mate make sure you come back alive
by NurseryBlad123 February 5, 2019
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The act of choking someone until they pass out during sexual encounters.
Oh yeah, Bradford me harder until I pass out.”
by Stefanni March 18, 2019
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A true southern gentleman who currently loves country music to impress girls. It also is known to black out and pay taxis to go to Mcdonalds.
Bradford woke up in the morning with 3 empty big mac containers.
by CountryMusicFan9870 August 31, 2011
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A city in the North of England, roughly 7 miles West of Leeds, 40 miles east of Manchester, 60 miles east of Liverpool, 60 miles west of Hull, 160 miles north-north-west of Cambridge.

Bradford is home to a diverse community of people, which is evidenced in the range of cuisine available at the various eateries in the city. It is perhaps most noted for the many eateries selling cuisine from South Asia, although curry is by no means the only dish on the menu, as many restaurants exist in the district with a wide choice of food.

Bradford has a perhaps undeserved reputation amongst British citizens as a city of decline and misery, however, a visit or two to the many attractions of the city should soon put this misguided vision right.
Visit Bradford for weeks upon weeks of continuous family fun!
by Richard the Monster May 25, 2006
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Place in West Yorkshire far worse than keighley
Full of asians and indians, take aways, chavs, cheap shops, dealers, scratters etc
'man ive seen less asians in bradford!'
by xxwhiteyxx April 4, 2006
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