when u you have some thing stuck in your ass or u are getting done doggy style
wow my ass hurts after that amazing night when i stuck a banana in my ass
by this did not happen to me March 27, 2005
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A benign method of informing others that you have spent entirely too much time sitting on your ass.
I would get up and administer CPR to Mr. Johnson Judy, but my ass hurts.
by Reverend Gisher October 30, 2007
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My ass hurts
My ass hurts kid fuck me in here
by April 24, 2019
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This is an adjectival expression best used to describe people, places, things, moments, and events that are so annoying/stupid/ridiculous/grating that patience diminishes, moods deflate, and the threat of violence increases. Basically, this phrase can be used to describe anything or anyone that grates on your last nerve.
The fact that we are having a departmental meeting to discuss cover sheets and TPS reports really makes my ass hurt.
by 1AnastasiaBeaverhausen July 31, 2010
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A phrase the homies use after they're super drunk and all sleep in a bed together, unknowingly having sex.
Homie 1: Yo last night was crazy bro.
Homie 2: Yeah man I barely remember anything.
Homie 3: Yeah we gotta go home now man.
Homie 4: Why are we all sleeping in the same bed?
Homie 2: It doesn't matter bro.
Homie 3: Why does my ass hurt?
Homie 1: It's nothing man.
Homie 1 Had total recollection and was actually the one who had a fivesome with the homies
by Thot_Slayer69420 February 20, 2020
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