on a hot summer day when you dont wipe your ass good after a shit and your asshole gets chaffed and then sweat mixes in fucking up your whole day
by urexcellency May 16, 2003
when your ass gets so chaffed that it gets red, like a monkeys butt
by cream of some yung.. January 27, 2003
after riding a motorcycle all day and your ass hurts so bad you walk like a monkey
by Chris Anderson May 27, 2003
The soreness in the rectal area after participating in such activities as anal sex.
Hey girlfriend, I'm got a bad case of monkey butt after my boyfriend slammed it up my ass all night long.
by TFWI May 30, 2018
A man that is developing a bald spot on the back of his head resembling a baboon’s or chimpanzee’s ass. This phrase works best if the person combs his hair over this balding area and thinks nobody notices he trying to hide it!
Check out the "monkey butt" on that guy or "nice monkey butt".
by LisaD143 August 2, 2005
a prolapsed arse, resembling that of a baboons arse or any other of those wonderful red arsed primates we descend from.
After removing the bulbous 12" butt plug she had a very impressive case of monkey butt.
by AaronMF October 4, 2005