A bloody nightmare some are nice will most are horrible , they say mean things and are mostly just not nice.!
Aren't you a James C
by AbramLickmyNoodles November 11, 2018
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A fattass lowlife who steals peoples wives and pisses off alot of people. approx 11 months after he steals a wife, he will be found mysteriously shot in the head....such a shame.... ;)
by Keggy Dulan October 11, 2009
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James C R is the superior human being. Is the definition of a humans peak performance.
James C R is superior
by Jamod February 18, 2022
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I led a normal life until age 36 no childhood problems, no divorced parents, no health problems. I breezed through high school and college. I had a dream job. Then my life collapsed. Suddenly I had horrendous back problems. Later my daily life was dominated by phobias. I feared utility companies. Next I developed a fear of the state of Wisconsin and almost the entire Midwest.
"James C. Schäfer "
"Proficient inventor"
by WertiaCoffee November 23, 2020
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