A fast-spreading term meaning to relax; procrastinate; sit and timelessly observe your inner feelings, often after taking cannabis.
I'm really stoned, lets mong for a while.
by JimmyD August 31, 2003
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thongs meant for the male gender
Example 1: Wow thats one foxy mong you got on there buddy. Loving the red lace.

Example 2: Bro I got mongs for a great deal this weekend. Now, I won't have any gnarly underwear lines when I wear my jeggings.
by quinoaforlunch February 14, 2016
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Mong could be a word used to substitue other words. It could act as a pronoun, noun, adjective, verb, gerund, anything! Mong could be the most flexible word there is.
"I just monged another Soduko!!!"
"Why are you being such a mong??"'
"Hey, hows it monging?"
"Dude, that is so mong!"
"Mong loose!"
"Wow, he just threw up! He's such a monger."
by idee93 August 17, 2011
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A person who is a typical idiot, or a person who can't do so merging simple
Mike: 'mum can you pass me the knife'
Mum: ''here you go'
Mike: 'mum that's a fork you mong'
by Tesco Value February 25, 2017
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