"E's gone to get his Barnet trimmed! E'll look right pucker! Gaaaawd blimey guv'nor!
by Welly September 3, 2003
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a cockney phrase for a new haircut.
"thats a great barnet!" - joe turner
by dirtybj January 2, 2012
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big bushy hair like a pillow on the back of your head .you have to shoat "oweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"and look like the michalin man .also have bugeies and then have a hair cut like a monk or friar tuck.
get your hair cut you barnet basher
yo yo mushroom head
by smelly pig February 22, 2005
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Barnetted is a shorter way of saying you're Off your barnett, used in the North West of England by the local beak heads.
Example 1:
Ryan: "Lad I am barnetted here you know"

Example 2:
Clubber: "Got any numbers for a beak?"

Tom: "Yeah lad, here you go, it's power you know, you will be barnetted all night!"
by FlappedJoint September 5, 2012
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One of the most neekiest schools in all of England. If you come here, you either have been in private education throughout your primary school years and/or sacrificed 3 years of your life by spending each weekend going to 87 tuitions just to get in here. Boys here have absolutely zero knowledge on how to talk to a girl, and there is always that one point where they all start crushing on girls at HBS. About 98% of boys here are Asian.
I got to QE Barnet
Wow you are a neek
by Taliban_501 November 29, 2021
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Used to describe someones hair when they have bleached it. This is because bleach makes your hair stink.
Lad #1: "Did you hear about that lad, apparently he's got a stinky barnet?"
Lad #2: "Yeah, he does."
by thedackster October 18, 2017
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What had he done with his comb? His Barnet fair was in a right two and eight!
by Sargeant Biff September 15, 2007
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