A Mitch is a male version of a bitch. (According to Kevin Hart in Real Husbands of Hollywood)
That dude is a mitch! He cries too much!
by vietboss October 16, 2013
---Hey, look at that dude over there getting flipped on by that chick!
--Ha, yeah what a mitch.

---Why are you so mitchy today?

---You son of a mitch!

---That kid just got mitched by that guy.

---You dudes are a bunch of little mitches.
by Ross-ome May 4, 2010
a man bitch, aka a guy who's always really pissy and bitching at everyone else in a petty girly way.
Boy: Shut the hell up!
Everyone else: Stop being such a mitch!
by Risss September 25, 2005
1. Adj. : A highly inappropriate statement remarkably able to not be considered sexual hasassment.

2. A half-rat, half-human hybrid.
1. That guy is so smooth, he pulled a mitch.
2. Mitch is such a mitch.
by tha hamburglar September 15, 2005
generally an asshole who cannot keep a girlfriend for usually any longer than a 3 week time period
"his name is Mitch, and he definitely lives up to his name"
by lkfhlkdshj April 16, 2009
1:an unpleasant short thing to look at
2:a type of midget and/or succubus

3:my bitch
1 & 2:me:oh my god,she's so short and scary,it's unpleasant just to look at her

danny:yeah i know..she's total mitch

3:john:nice girlfriend you got there dude

nick: yeah i know,she's a mitch:my bitch
by jammy say this shit May 3, 2010