An asshole; That guy nobody enjoys being around. Commonly uses the phrase, "Shut up, fag."
"He kept telling me to shut up, and that I was a fag."

"What a Mitch."
by Brenda Murphy September 17, 2011
A term reserved in disc golf when a disc golfer, trying to make a putt, hits the top band of the basket and misses the putt.
Oh Shit! You had a chance to win the USDGC but you Mitched It!
by BumpusHound February 11, 2016
A term reserved for those who reject so many woment that bitching it no longer cuts it.
"Hey man did you root that chick last night?" "Na man I just went home and studied" "Oh my god dude stop mitching it!"
by Anonymous..,. May 1, 2009
A Mitch is a male version of a bitch. (According to Kevin Hart in Real Husbands of Hollywood)
That dude is a mitch! He cries too much!
by vietboss October 16, 2013
When you misplace everything. Nothing is out of the question. There is nothing too big, too small, expensive or rare that you cannot lose. It's like a less exciting version of where's waldo, except you're looking for your iPhone X, your Tesla, or your $16 bottle of Rosé. If its mitchaking you crazy, don't worry, you're not alone.
Darn, I mitched again. Where did I leave my son?
by Newfonewhodis January 12, 2018
a male bitch, someone who loves to get others in trouble to draw attention the to themselves.
Dude, quit being such a Mitch.

Don't be a Mitch and run tell Mom you caught me smoking
by Megan's Fiver June 9, 2010
One of the coolest, if not the coolest human-created names to ever grace this planet. Almost every single person with this Godly-gift of a name has pure awesomness coursing through their blood.
John: Did you see that guy Mitch?
Bill: I sure as hell did, that guy is wicked awesome.
by Cheechy Chong October 11, 2008