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to interact with other human beings;
to make friends;
to meet new people.
Well I've done enough mingling here. I'm going to go mingle in that group now.
by mingler July 22, 2005
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The second most powerful person on earth right after Pablo Sanchez.
β€œIt’s Pablo Sanchez here to save the day”

β€œ oh wait no it’s just Ming Ling”
β€œOh it’s MING LING!”
by King Koconino April 05, 2020
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The accidental merging of a weakling and a midget resulting in the formation a specimen similar in appearance to that of a 'munchkin man'. Often answers to such typical mingling names as 'Fairclough' or 'Boyfriend' and can reach speeds of up to 60-70mph, though provocation is required due to the natural hesitancy of this species.
Why, what a marvelous pair of pedal reachers that mingling is attached to.
by Bob April 19, 2005
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A cute person that deserves everything.
Exm:Asian goddess,angel etc.

"Did you see that girl at the Tiest Rave?"
"yea she was such a ming ling"
by Kyo~ August 30, 2007
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All she want to do is eat da dumpling and copy your homework
Oh my god my god, she’s such a Ming Ling!
by DaRealUhhhh December 16, 2019
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heading home with a flatmate,
only to end up breaking the toilet, clogging the sink and flooding the flat. leaving only, in the morning having not got any and a little miffed.

or, just generally 'mingling' about.
Rob: where was matt the other night?
Andy:he was over at rich and gill's mingling about.
by Rich & Rob - mashed May 03, 2004
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