a person who does not have a strong heart. this person is scary. Someone who can not be trusted. They teach their children to grow into weaklings. They are usually way too emotional; they like to make a fool of people by not helping only adding to a problem.
If you have ever been into a all out brawl over food. The person who was mad over the food is a weakling. usually men are subject to these type of people first and then it's passed on.
by linda forks May 25, 2011
One of the best black metal bands from San Francisco the U.S. has to offer. Line-up included John Gossard(Asunder, The Gault), Casey Ward, Little Sunshine, Sarah Weiner(The Gault), and Joshua M. Smith(The Champs). After the release of "Dead as Dreams", which was their was their first and only album, the band decided to Split up.
Weakling is one of the best USBM bands there is.
by Iog. May 19, 2006
Adj: Something that is weaker than weak.
"That guy made a total fool of himself, that dance move was weakles!"
by ding dong 1 May 27, 2009
To tinker with to improve something. A derivation of "tweak" but often used in the same sentence.
Would-be mechanic on pavement "Poxy carb's all fucked up"
Looker-on-with-no-knowledge-of-cars-whatsoever "Give it some tweakit and weakle, be awwight"
by flatley June 6, 2005
Someone desperate to look fit and strong to the world, and like anything that isn't a poodle.
You gotta look deeper than the cute cuddly surface of the 112 pound weakling, don't underestimate the girl, she might or might not be all talk, if it really matters as much to anybody else as it does to her what people think of her.
by Solid Mantis December 7, 2019
When someone does nothing and is always sick. Wakes up in the morning and has headache, walks outside and has stomach ache, sleeps inside and catches cold.
Oh my God, I have been hit with Intense Weakling Syndrome (aka IWS).
"Thats the boy, that has Intense Weakling Syndrome, I feel bad for him." said Joe

"You are always coughing, are sure you don't have IWS?" said Max
by Self-Educated Doctor January 21, 2021
When someone does nothing but is always sick and feeling weak. Wakes up in the morning has headache, goes outside has stomach pain and sleep inside has cold.
Look he looks so weak and tired, was he carrying blocks all day?
No, he literally just woke up
Bruh that's so messed up
He has Intense Weakling Syndrome (aka IWS)
by Self-Educated Doctor January 21, 2021