Gill is a very popular last name for Sikh Punjabi's. Gill's generally don't waste time. They are very blunt and smart people, and move on very fast. They are very gorgeous people too in personality. Not all Gill's are jatt as many jatt people in India. Gill Jatts are very independent people.
Mister Gill will complete it if you ask him to complete it, if you didn't ask him to complete this he will not complete it.
by GEO8234 March 19, 2023
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A sweet Dutch man with glorious long locks of hair who is extremely considerate. He is a great listener and has great input. A Gilles can pull you out of a bad day at any time, his smile is extremely contagious. He also likes to make jokes with vampire references. He is very intelligent, not to mention extremely attractive. If you ever meet a Gilles, keep him safely by your side, he will treat and human being with the upmost respect.
"Woah, that was a total Gilles. I better keep him around."
by Mr.meowmix August 23, 2014
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Gill is a surname found in the Sikh Punjabi community. The Gill clan is one of the largest clans in Punjab and are found all over in the three regions of Punjab, India (Majha, Malwa, and Doaba). Gill’s control many high government positions and many are very wealthy. Most converted to Sikhism during Guru Hargobind Ji’s Guruship and were known for being exceptionally brave, honest, and noble. Gill means prosperity or richness and are one of the more elite classes in Punjab. They also won’t be afraid to bash your head in if you wrong them.
My best friend is a Gill he’s such a Jatt
by DallasJatt July 3, 2019
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A status one achieves when they become so intoxicated they leave their present state of mind and body and are taken over by aliens, ghosts, and robots. In turn, causing them quite often to end up in different area codes, falling asleep in someones house and once they are disturbed from their slumber they will vigoursly argue they are in their own home and swear on their lives their roomates are upstairs. The end result usually results in a death punch to the chest to whom ever awakes this beast.

If one can recognize someone is "Gilled" it is best to let them do as they please.

Never, Ever, Ever disturb the slumber of the "Gilled" one.
"Bro, im fittin to get "Gilled" tonight. Ill probably need 100 beers and 2 bottles of 151!"

"RRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Im Gilled!!!!! I Live Here! I Will Eat Your First Born Child! Now Face My Death Punch To Your Chest!!!!"

"Glop glop glop glop glop, steve, getcha, getcha, so Gilled"
by Rage Bear December 8, 2009
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William Gilbert is a talentless musician cast on the twentieth season of the reality TV show The Real World, The Real World: Hollywood. Displayed supreme levels of bitchassness throughout the season, especially towards Greg, the realest dude in the house.

Nice tidbit - likes to talk about dead housemates fathers as a way to irk to irk them.
Ex. William Gilbert's actions on Real World: Hollywood (Season 20)

Ex. That lame, fake dude Will Gill has corny shitlocks.
by thedirtyfranchise May 27, 2008
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Is when a friend says they are not going to spend time with there girlfriend / boyfriend. But then goes and does and leaves his mates hanging

Gilling , Gill , Gilled
Perro: Hey bro u wanna fuck shit up on friday
Fish: Yeah i got nothing planned sep my gf wants me to go on a double date but nah not going, looking forawrd to fucking shit up with you
Fish ( day later) : nah sorry man im busy
going on a double date with my gf
Perro: you fucking Gilled me
by haydenmitchel November 25, 2010
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