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a scottish woman who is excessively tanned. odd, due to the typical scottish weather which is dull and cloudy, the scottish 'sun junkie' constantly sports a season brown tann. this tan comes from, typically tanning salons designed for these purposes. in certain cultures it is considered attracive to the working classes.
Rich: check her out, she's a f*ckin' sun junkie,
Rob: and so's her maw.
by Rich & Rob - mashed May 03, 2004

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heading home with a flatmate,
only to end up breaking the toilet, clogging the sink and flooding the flat. leaving only, in the morning having not got any and a little miffed.

or, just generally 'mingling' about.
Rob: where was matt the other night?
Andy:he was over at rich and gill's mingling about.
by Rich & Rob - mashed May 03, 2004

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Produced in factories, the bukkake-stick is a cummulation of many components mostly produced from the scrotal region of the janpaneze labourers employed to produce the semen flavoured snack. Served in the somewhat lower regions of the colloquial fast food industry, the stick is typically available from boutiques. Generally these 'kebab shops' are operated by members of the increasingly growing ethnic minorities.
Rob: ehh man, gies us a doner ya minge!
Muhhamed: certainly sir, chilli sauce.
Rob: aye man, broon sauce an a'.
Muhhamed: thank you, come again!

Rich: MATE!! that's bukkake on a stick!
by Rich & Rob - mashed October 27, 2004

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