touch/cuddle/stroke/played/handled/pet/caress with affection and sexual intentions
by Superific Sheepie June 1, 2005
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caressing ones private area in an affectionate manner.A form of foreplay.
before I start making love, I allow my lover to fondle me.
by Passionate March 6, 2005
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to feel someone or something in a affectionate way that makes your or the person, if a person, feel good
When I was fondling my boyfriend he smiled, a look that asked for more.
by The Evil One September 26, 2003
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Sophisticated, middle age term for rubbing in a sexual manner.
And lo, Robert XXIII did set forth lustfully amongst his sexual organ, and it didsth respond to his fondling in an acceptable manner, not unlike such of that of a mongrel when it is stroked; And there was much rejoicing.
by Buttfucked September 30, 2003
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to toy with in a sexual manner
would you like to fondle my bussoms
by allyson November 14, 2002
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to hold cuddle, kiss, caress,ect. what you do brfoer sex to get in the mood. Ü
as we lay on the bed we fondled eachother. he strokes my brests and slowly moved his lage hand down my smoth body, while i played with his balls and rubbed his fat dick.
by nyob what my name is September 14, 2006
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Showing your love to someone ( even to your friend or to your pet ) by moving your hand from one point to another point on their skin.
I was fondling Heather's hair till her neck to show that fondling doesn't mean anything sexual!
by Fatih August 29, 2004
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