An adjective describing a sexy or lewd cell phone text message. It is a combination of the words sexual and text.
He sent her a sextual for a hookup that included a picture of his private parts.
by PriorKnowledge May 23, 2011
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Describing your participation in the newly discovered phenomenon--the sext.
Person 1: "My parents are worried about my being sextually active."
Person 2: "Oh my gosh, do you have CAPS?"
by anonymilk March 23, 2009
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Frustrated sexually after having a sexual text messaging session
Ok I have to stop texting now cause you have got me so hot and bothered by sexting me. I am sextually frustrated.
by sextqueen July 17, 2009
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The act of pleasuring one self to pictures sent via SMS text messages.
I did in-fact have sextual relations with that woman, she was sending pics all night!!
by wollyyy May 4, 2010
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The feeling one gets upon recieving an unwanted sexual text message.
Girl1: Did you see that creepy text message Mark sent Sally?

Girl2: Yeah, she totally got sextually violated.
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unwanted sexual advances through texts
texter1:"you wanna come over and have sex?"
texter2" no! ur a creeper! thats sextual assault!"
by GRUBAH! December 18, 2008
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The quality of having sexual appeal via texting on the phone
A: How do you think you can get that chick thru your cell phone?
B: Well, I totally trust my sextual appeal. You know how great I am at texting!
by Worthy97 September 23, 2022
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