yo all r really stupid...

a girl's milkshake.. is "the way she carries her shit".. her walk, her ass, her body, whatever makes her hott.... her "stuff
by boombasticbitch November 26, 2003
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An overhead smash in tennis that hits in the court and bounces over the fence, rendering it virtually impossible to return. The ultimate display of dominance in tennis; humiliating for the other player.
Dan: I hit a milkshake in my match, so my coach bought me a milkshake. Mmmm, strawberry!
Sally: Wow! Will you go out with me?

Bill: I hit a weak lob, and Dan milkshaked it.
Jenny: Ummm... let's break up.
by Adm. Pudding May 01, 2013
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1. A girl's body; the way she carries it.
2. An actually good drink if your a non-song human.
3. A somwhat cheesy song by Kelis.
1. Damn, that girl has a good milkshake.
2. This new milkshake that came out at the store was really delicious.
3. My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, and their right, it's better than yours. Damn right, it's better than yours.
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by MakerOfMemes June 12, 2017
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A BLOWJOB!!!!!!!!
Fellatio Head
That's it!, Just another word for a BJ!

Made popular by some whiny slut on the "stupid box" (TV).
It is a conversation between Kelis (Proud slut) and wanna-be sluts.

"My Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard."
- My Blowjobs are so good, all the guys want one from me.

"And they're like, it's better than yours."
- And the guys say, the way I (Kelis) suck a dick, is better than how you (wanna-be sluts) can suck a dick.

"Damn right it's better than yours"
- Of course I can suck a dick, I'm a Top Slut!!

"I could teach you, But I have to charge"
- I 'll tell you how, but you'll owe me FOREVER! (See Andy Dick in Old School for proper reference to BJ classes)

"I see you're on it
You want me to teach thee
Techniques that freaks these boys"
- OK ready? First place penis head in mouth, Don't forget to gently massage the Ballz, they love that.

"It can't be bought
Just the thieves get caught
Watch if you're smart"
- Some may imitate me, but the guys know how much better their balls are in my mouf! So, pay attention!
by Jonny Unitas September 17, 2007
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What makes a woman stand out in a crowd
-her seksiness
-sex appeal
-whatever she does that attracts the guy's attention
"I know you want it, the thing that makes me, what the guys go crazy for. They lose their minds, the way I wind, I think it's time, MY MILK SHAKE BRINGS ALL THE BOYS TO THE YARD, AND THEY'RE LIKE, IT'S BETTER THAN YOURS, DAMN RIGHT IT'S BETTER THAN YOURS, I can teach you, but I have to charge"-Kelis
by Jessika November 28, 2003
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in the kelis song ''my milk shake brings all the boys to they yard.'' it really means her blow job brings all the boys to the yard coz milk shake is when a girl give u a blowjob u gets the cum and froths it up in her mouth meaning milk shake
''my milk shake brings all the boys to they yard.''
by Pun February 23, 2005
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A man's penis that has two colors, usually occuring with one color on the top half and one color on the bottom half.
by DankMemesForDays April 17, 2017
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