trucker/redneck slang for
"police officer"

usally heard on the CB radio channels
"breaker 1-9, you've got smokey in your tail"
by IrishRepublicanArmy October 21, 2003
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Smokey is bar none the greatest character in movie history. Chris Tucker plays 'Smokey' in the 1995 classic Friday. If you haven't seen it go watch it.
Smokey: That's alright!!!! Don't worry about what the fuck I be doin!!!!

Smokey: I lef ma key!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!

Smokey: Alwys talkin shiiiiiiiiit
by hhhhheman June 20, 2007
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That smokey is on my ass again.
by Anonymous May 13, 2003
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an old appalachian term for an elderly black man.
There is usually a smokey sitting in that old rocking chair in front of the barber shop.
by Sweetea February 26, 2008
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a word used by university girls to describe a hot guy or a sexy situation. often used when referring to guys they wheeld or want to wheel
then we made out it was so smokey.

omg mike is so smokey id totally hit that
by seagoat33 November 24, 2010
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Hey smokey, shut up with ur crying
by Brett July 20, 2004
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commonly known as a blojob.
when a female goes "down" on her female counterpart and pleasures him.
aye smokey ther really gd
by d brennan frm st. pats April 21, 2005
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