to be in agreement
yo dog, we bez rollin u commin'?
responce- i be down wit dat
by hannah March 13, 2003
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a strong word of agreement toward specific places people and situstions
come here girl u know i fucs-wit-u(personal)
A!!! i fucs-wit-dat (situation)
i fucs-wit-dat i wanna go there(place)
by fat_dave June 27, 2007
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a secret code at mcdonalds in urban places that means "hook me up wit some nuggets or sumthin' nigga."
employee: heres yo food
customer: ayyye nigga can i get some fries wit dat?
employee: yea, hold up nigga
by jaybe October 23, 2006
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1. Coming through loud and clear, roger that.

Often used by ignorant lumberjacks suffering various degrees of hearing loss from using chainsaws on old growth timber.

2. There's no need to shout, old bean.

Often used by Oxford Dons or wearers of jacket sweaters with leather elbow patches (ironically) to gently inform the speaker their volume of speech is uncouthly excessive.
I'd like to glennbeck Glenn Beck.
I herd dat wit my bad ear!

I herd dat wit my bad ear - and that bitch is old.
by geroldf October 23, 2009
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