Something Daniel Day-Lewis would Drink
Something in which you can put your straw that reaches "aaaaallll the way over here"

by Daltonious July 10, 2008
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The way a girl carries herself. The way she walks, talks, looks and acts that attracts men to her.
Z has it going on. No wonder she's so much richer and prettier than j. Her milkshake is banging and she has much more going on in her life. Z gets all the sexy upper class men and J has to stick with white trash cause her milkshake is busted.
by milkeshakes May 16, 2008
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1- noun - A blended mixture of milk and ice cream
2- noun - A woman's sexy body / sex appeal
3- noun - A blowjob - referring to the man's ejaculate
1- let's go to mcdonalds and get a milkshake
2- "J-Kwon tipsy" I wonder if a shake comin with them fries,
If so baby can i get em super sized?
3- "Kelis Milkshake" My Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. . . Techniques that freaks these boys
You want me to teach thee. . .I could teach you but I have to charge
by Nathaniel Taylor December 22, 2005
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to shake ones boosom(s)
(boosoms- boobies, tits, jugs, pearl necklace, titties, hooters, man machine, milk suppliers etc)
"she really knows how to milkshake!!"
"she sure does!"
"i know"
"shut up"
by sex-crazed maniac (me) April 22, 2004
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How beautiful a girl is and how much she has "going on". She can do it all sexually and does everything else for her man as well. Treats him well. She has a banging body and a beautiful face. She is a show stopper in every sense of the word and the way she carries herself is her "milkshake".

Her milkshake and her mind get her whatever her heart desires.
She is so beautiful her milkshake makes guys do anything and everything for her cuz they want to.

Her friend's milkshake is so busted she all used up and can't even get a flower from a guy.
by hottied. November 16, 2008
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