1. A whipped iced dairy drink, usually chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry.

2. A girl's body and the way she carries it.
1. Wow, that milkshake from McDonald's was bangin.

2. Kelis' song 'Milkshake':

My whipped ice dairy drink brings the attention of many males to my place of residence and/ or employment, and they declare that its quality far surpasses that of yours. Absolutely, it far surpasses yours. I could convey to you the recipe, but i would have to demand compensation.
by Rockelle March 2, 2005
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1) noun - A drink consisting of milk and Icecream.
2) slang - A woman's body and the way she carries it.
1) Chocolate flavored milkshakes taste so good, they really quinch my thirst.
2) Ahh shoot cuz, did you see that chick's milkshake? I mean, the way she was walking with that booty shakin' was so off the hizzy.
by MyHrtShapedBx December 25, 2003
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Noun- A blowjob
Chloe's milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard that have $60.
by chhatgaypauls June 8, 2009
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the act of swallowing a man's cum.
I gave my girlfriend a milkshake last night and she finished every drop.
by toast455 June 22, 2005
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What "brings all the boys to the yard" and causes them to fall in love with you and do whatever you want.

If you're milkshake is really good you don't even have to ask, they do it automatically.

A milkshake is a female's mojo. Something that can't be taught but is inborn. Either you have it or you don't.

That coupled with looks is magic.
Rachel had every guy on the street after her when she walked down the road. Her milkshake can't be beat.

Amy's boyfriend gave her 100'000's of dollars and she didn't even ask for it. Her personality, her pussy, her beauty and that magic something make guys do whatever she desires and she dosen't even have to ask for it.

Brit gets everything for free her milkshake is so bangin.
by It's better than yours..... February 15, 2010
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The way a girl carries herself. The way she walks, talks, looks and acts that attracts men to her.
Z has it going on. No wonder she's so much richer and prettier than j. Her milkshake is banging and she has much more going on in her life. Z gets all the sexy upper class men and J has to stick with white trash cause her milkshake is busted.
by milkeshakes May 17, 2008
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1- noun - A blended mixture of milk and ice cream
2- noun - A woman's sexy body / sex appeal
3- noun - A blowjob - referring to the man's ejaculate
1- let's go to mcdonalds and get a milkshake
2- "J-Kwon tipsy" I wonder if a shake comin with them fries,
If so baby can i get em super sized?
3- "Kelis Milkshake" My Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. . . Techniques that freaks these boys
You want me to teach thee. . .I could teach you but I have to charge
by Nathaniel Taylor December 22, 2005
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