(v.) To use one's vocal chords to make musical tones.

What most tv talent show contestants cannot do very well.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 12, 2004
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to rat on someone, or to report on them, usually to the police
Leave the singin' to Sinatra you fuckin canary!
by i love dicks December 4, 2003
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people with good voices unlike Selena gomez
selena is such a bitch she cant sing have no idea why that many people follow her Beyonces way better
by jessica taro March 16, 2017
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To program for a long time without error.
by LarstaiT November 6, 2003
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1. A well-known prison located in eastern New York State, along the Hudson river. The base for such phrases as 'up the river' (as it is located up the Hudson river from NYC) and 'the big house' (because it's a... big... place.).

2. A popular nickname for Ossining, NY, the town in which Sing Sing prison is located.
"Hells no! I'm not gonna do that! I don't want to end up in Sing Sing!"
by Deus Ibi Est April 30, 2006
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sing sing is either the prison or the town outside it, also known as O town . They got a mad famous prison and shit there.Good place to party if yuore in Westchester.

by ZYSHONN April 18, 2006
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