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(v.) To use one's vocal chords to make musical tones.

What most tv talent show contestants cannot do very well.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 12, 2004
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to rat on someone, or to report on them, usually to the police
Leave the singin' to Sinatra you fuckin canary!
by i love dicks December 04, 2003
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SING stands for Sorry Im Not Gay. Its when young girls say something like, I love you! and then they say SING though! to tell the other person that it is in a no homo way.
Person 1: Hey man! I love you, but SING!
Person 2: SING too :)
by thehipsterhorse December 11, 2012
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A theater competition where everything is student-run, meaning its student-written, student-directed, and all the acting, dance, and tech crews are students. The competition is between Seniors, Juniors, and Soph-Frosh. While the quality of the shows costumes, sets, etc are lower than that of normal theater productions, and it's generally a contest to see how many half-naked girls they can get on stage and how many sex jokes can be crammed into 55 minutes, it is in fact a lot of fun. Performed at Stuyvesant, Midwood, and other schools.
by Jackknife February 14, 2005
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people with good voices unlike Selena gomez
selena is such a bitch she cant sing have no idea why that many people follow her Beyonces way better
via giphy
by jessica taro March 16, 2017
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A complimentary word used to describe mainly females but can also be used as a noun.
by lil'duggie96 February 28, 2011
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