Used to express extreme surprise. Meaning, Oh my fucking god BBQ. The BBQ is added at the end to lengthen the acronym and make the statement more meaningful.
OMFGBBQ! That's so cool!
by thelifeofabinder April 21, 2007
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The is part of a combo-chain of phrases used to express increasing levels of excitement or emphasis.

Firstly the OM(F)G, and then usually (and interchangeably) WTF and/or BBQ.

Including BBQ/WTF after an OM(F)G is often a sign of sarcasm.
"OMFGBBQ I just won the lotto!" (sincere)

"OMFGWTFBBQ you're the coolest person ever!" (mocking)
by Zhus Tanaka June 12, 2007
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OMFGBBQ DUDE! I can't believe he watches InuYasha! Its so gay.
by powderwho March 31, 2007
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