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To Bounce or leave to go somewhere
Damn gurl this party is hella weak. Let's shake it.
by Brittany October 22, 2003
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Damn Gurl You Can Shake Dat Ass Like You Are A Stripper On Her Kneez!
shakin my ass ... moving hips...makin you drool n lickin your lips bet no otha gurl can tease you like this
by ~!*Melea Kay*!~ June 11, 2004
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A person that walks with a strut
He got that nickname for reasons that i cannot say and no they are not perverted reasons
i like him a whole lot and i rly dont know y, i just do
so if u got a problem with that DEAL WITH IT BECAUSE THIS STUPID CRUSH ISNT GOING AWAY!!!!!!
and he still hasnt figured out that i like him WOW
as we walk down the hallway we spot Shake it
I beg this person(u know who u r) not to say anything but of course she doesnt listen
me: thinking oh crap not again
person:SHAKE IT!!!!!!!! SHAKE IT SHAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!
shake it then turns but is still confused, even though that person screams that in his face every time she passes him
i dont think he will ever get it
by SHAKE IT LOVAAAA February 12, 2010
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