Big tits that go away when she isn't pregnant anymore.
JE had huge jugs last summer, but they were just milk duds. And I hate the fucking kid.
by Nowon July 29, 2011
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when a woman cant breast feed because her breasts don't produce milk
woman crying "nothings coming out", exhausted boyfriend "yup you gt milk duds"
by horsehung49 August 03, 2009
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Breast that are too old to give any more milk
Nobody wants to go party with a bunch of old Milk Duds
by Slappy Ray February 25, 2016
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Guy: "You see that girls tits?"
Guy 2: "Na bro, those were totally Milk Duds"
by Childish_gambino December 15, 2016
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Half circle pencil markings in the writing utensil slot on a desk. Students fill in the sides of utensil slots on desks throughout schools with their pencil, creating what is known as a milk dud. After finishing a milk dud, students will typically erase them, but in many cases they're left behind for other students to continue the milk duds, shading in the entire pencil slot.
Ayo teach check these milk duds out, madem myself.
by lucasman1111 February 10, 2011
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The phrase "milk DUD" is a lesser known term for bro, because of bros pronunciation of the word "Dude". The bros are so over-whelmed with their broness, they feel the need to pronounce the word "Dude" like the word "Dud", we get "milk DUD" because it just sounds like it makes sense.

you: that guy is a milk dud.
by hayoitskayyo April 04, 2010
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