When a pregnant woman's breasts are so engorged that no milk will come out.
After my son was born I had 2 milk duds.
by McDoodlefee July 7, 2021
when a guy gets milk all over his balls due to a spill or dipping.
Guy: Awww, you spilled milk all down my balls.
Girl: Haha, milk duds.
by milky balls January 25, 2011
I was tossin her salad, and I went for the milk dud!
by Jerry July 14, 2003
Non-Lactating Cows.
You better think twice about eating those Milk Duds
by Pseudoman(likesodomy) December 3, 2011
Women who can't breastfeed their children.
Amy's children were formula feed because she has milk duds.
by Millie Mustang April 29, 2019
When a female pores milk in her rear through a beer funnel and farts in her partner's face releasing a mixture of chocolate and shit. Therefore arousing both people and then making them hungry.
I gave Johnny a wicked Milk Dud last night
by nikki_killjoy October 3, 2010
Big tits that go away when she isn't pregnant anymore.
JE had huge jugs last summer, but they were just milk duds. And I hate the fucking kid.
by Nowon July 30, 2011