When you smear you hairy greasy ass cheeks against a window with your cheeks spread to reveal your slimy hole.
Hey there's you dad, show'em your hairy milk dud.
by Blake November 12, 2002
A tray of rat and bunny droppings served for dinner and dinner alone along with a side of smuggled sweetarts. Feces contains psychedelic mushrooms usually.
Josh:I just ate the biggest platter of Milk Dud Deluxe ever. By the way, is that a golden llama on your head?

Katrina:Dude, you should've shared. And no, no it is not. It's known as an alpaca.
by KetchupSunshine November 8, 2010
A law stating that, if encountered, a bald headed black man shall be slapped on the head quickly yet firmly
Person 1: You see that bald guy over there, you know Milk Dud’s Law, right?
Person 2: yeah, I do, let’s get this guy
by da koala June 23, 2020
Afro-American pimp that pays well but also abuses his bitch.
My milk dud daddy pimps me out.
by RufusMcMinister February 15, 2006
When a man repeatedly hits poop as he is inserting his penis into another man's asshole
Bill asked Todd if they could do some milk dud bumping later because he enjoys it immensely.
by Shonte Jr. July 7, 2014
Deliberately transitioning from toilet to shower without wiping, for the purpose of leaving a grape-sized turd tangled within the shower drain.
My wife’s sister is such a bit*h . I can’t wait to visit her house for the holidays, I’ll be sure to gift her a Mississippi milk dud the day that we leave .
by Brazen Bandit December 15, 2021
the act of licking cum off a strangers asshole
I once went to a whore house and randomly picked a whore to give a strange milk dud
by Strangeguycum April 1, 2015