Boobs that have had such extensive plastic surgery that they no longer lactate.
Julie: "Did you hear that Jenny is pregnant?"
Katie: "Yea, how will she feed her kids with that pair of milk duds she hauls around?"
by Mr. Magnum January 24, 2009
1. a common movie snack, consisting of milk, chocolate, and caramel. 2. slang term for a pair of firm breasts
1. Milk Duds at the Quasi-Plex are so expensive, so I smuggle in some that at the Dollar General next store.

2. When she took off her shirt, she unleashed a set of milk duds that even a hombomb could be proud of.
by LBT/Antimosity November 24, 2003
when a girl's nipples are huge and really dark, looking like Hershey's Milk Duds
Woah! that girl's nipples look like some milk duds
by Nathan727 November 12, 2007
When you put a dab in the tip of your dick and cum into your nail for a milky hit from your rig.
I burnt my dick doing this milk dud but I'm so high I can't even feel it yet.
by Boner negro July 26, 2019
A synonym to Shooting Blanks used to explain when the male ejaculates without any sperm being present.
"I shot a Milk dud" "He shot a Milk Dud"
by matt.gentry March 8, 2015
When a guy sucks the milk out of a pregnant womans tits.
That dirty bastard went home and sucked on his old lady's milk duds
by titf*uck March 12, 2009
Those small pebble like turd droppings that float around in the toilet water or possibly in your pants. Similar to dingle balls
Oh man, I tried to fart and blew out a couple a milk duds instead.
by outonbail October 20, 2003