A North-East English phrase meaning "trousers (pants)".
Pull your duds up man, your arse is showing.
by gilburtgtr September 29, 2012
Man boobs -- not hard pectoralis, but the soft chubby cushion fat guys have on their chests -- aka moobs.
Ew, wtf! Why would you like Jon? He has duds!
by the.definer July 20, 2010
A term used to describe outrageously ugly girls.
'Yeah I went out with those girls last night'
--Did you do em?
'No, they were duds.'
by Jake February 27, 2005
The semi-professional art of doing of nothing productive. Apparel may include "dudding trousers" (pyjama bottoms) and a "dudding cave" (bedroom). Large amounts of comfort and food are a priority, while physical exertion is frowned upon.
It is particularly prevalent when hung over or on sick days, and often features long hours of television, films, computer games and/or masturbation.
"I dudded around in the living room playing Champ Manager for 10 hours while watching cricket, eating bacon and drinking milk."
"That's good dudding..."
"I know."
by Sir Duddy of Scranalot April 16, 2009
a malfunctioning or failed idea, object or instance. a unfulfilled expectation.
we went to the show...don't bother, it's a dud.
by joe normal March 17, 2004