The distance a motor vehicle can travel on a gallon of gasoline.
My Escort gets 34 miles per gallon.
by tradesman July 8, 2003
Measure of the distance a vehicle can travel by consuming only one gallon of fuel. Multiplying this ratio by the total capacity of a vehicle's fuel tank gives the maximum mileage the vehicle can travel in one trip without refueling.
"This new compact car gets over 30 miles per gallon."
by aggiecsguy July 10, 2003
miles/gallon- typically, the number of miles that a motorized vehicle can go on one gallon of gasoline or diesel fuel; abbreviation=MPG
Since my new Toyota Prius gets about fifty-two miles per gallon, I save about $100.00 a month.
by Scott M. July 11, 2003
The amount of miles your vehicle can travel with one gallon of gas.
My car gets 24 miles per gallon
by Hannah July 8, 2003
Measures the average fuel economy of motor vehicles, as in how far the vehicle goes before burning 1 gallon of fuel. AKA "mpg".
Cadillac Escalade's get about 16 miles per gallon. Yay.
by DisabledDan July 8, 2003
The ratio of the number of miles traveled to the number of gallons of gasoline burned. AKA... how many miles are left before your car dies
Mom, how many miles per gallon will this car get? I have to go for a short drive today.
by Scott Howard July 7, 2003
An irrelevant reference to oil/gasoline in the American culture. While it is paramount to Americans that they have oil, the amount that they burn is of no concern. In the American culture, "wasting oil" means using it for something other than their luxury purposes and the polution generated by their oil use qualifies them for tax relief.
My Humvee, that I got for free with my tax write-off, gets 3 miles per gallon on the freeway but I don't care!
by Norm July 9, 2003