A unit of volume in the imperial measurement system. Typically used for measuring amounts of liquid to be sold. Rarely used in scientific or any usefull application.
I got 10 gallons of root beer for 5 bucks!
by berkinator July 18, 2005
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the amount of alcohol that 1SG can drink......homeboy! HOOAH!
Cadet: Ever do drugs 1SG?
1SG: Hell no! I don't do drugs.....but i do drink alot of booze! I can drink gallons homeboy!!! HOOAH!
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The Gallon is a unique specimen or as others may refer to it as the“Big Body”. The Gallon comes with great power as well as great responsibility for if it’s full power is unleashed it may tear the very fabric of our reality. Although to fuel his great gallon power he must consume a hefty amount of marijuana every day.
Person one: Bro is that a Gallon?
Person two: I hear the gallon
Person three: Don’t stare! I think we got his attention.

*Gallon walks over*
Gallon: Hey boys, got any weed?
Both person one and two: Nah man we chiefed our whole cart.
by Lichlord333 October 13, 2020
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slang for gasoline, it goes low gallon(regular)first, then high gallon(plus) then super high gallon(premium). for diesel, we use "the german gallon"
you pull up to a full-service station, and the guy asks,"would you like the high gallon or the low gallon?
by thebug October 29, 2006
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A group of middle class and bored adolescents who smash gallons of juice, milk, and other fluids at local supermarkets for youtube stardom and for the purpose of a supposed prank.
Eric Steinberg: Hey man, my mom left me her Bmw, so we can go to the Metro and do some Gallon Gluttony.

Chad Dawkins:Oh bro! Nice, lemme get my cam so we can get some views!
by TERminalambiaNCe March 11, 2013
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a booty that is enourmous. an ass that look like it got gallons of something. the biggest ass ever.
damn, you see that redbone; shawty gotta gallon booty!
by samantha_cheree May 9, 2009
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The nameless overly sugared crimson ambrosia of your local corner mart. Like kool-aid, but much cheaper and thicker. Gallon red refers to the red cherry/tropical flavors, but can be in other flavors as well: green (lime), blue (blue raspberry), orange, and questionably black (grape). Always cheap, never filling.
Yo lets hit up the corner mart and get some gallon red
by Pancho Lama March 28, 2007
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