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To amble without real aim, yet in a friendly and harmless manner. It's not required to acheive nothing, though it is a frequent side effect. Bimbling can be made a little more business like with a slight hunch of the shoulders.
Tron and Enid whiled away many a Sunday afternoon on a pleasant bimble round the shops.
by Norm July 09, 2003
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state of iraq or other post war countries
That country got bushwacked by the US.
by Norm January 30, 2004
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A guy named Rick who is a backstabbing piece of feces
I work with Ricky Ratshit, and he compleetely undermines the entire business.
by Norm October 15, 2003
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feces, crap, poop
I gotta drop the bomb.
by Norm January 30, 2004
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Berger and Chips, F1 MB Legend

Strongly unchangeable,implacable, opinionated, intelligent guru of F1 BM'S
To do a B&C. (as to keep a straight line on a twisty road)
by Norm December 09, 2003
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old person with no teeth who speaks oppisite language
There was a phapid at the denture shop today.
by norm June 29, 2003
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pesta is a pimp haxoor foo who enjoys hacking collegeboard accounts.
pesta is an 3l33t h4x00r.
by norm December 26, 2004
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