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Margory love cheese and cake!
David: Oh Margory I love you so.
Margory: Margory eat cheese
Mary: Margory fuck off, David is mine!
by Hannah April 16, 2005
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used to describe a complete asshole of the male gender.
"wow, you're a mexican mariachi man whore"
by Hannah June 27, 2004
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Mika is a Lebanese singer (but based in London) who was *fun fact!* trained by a Russian opera professional. Some of his more famous numbers include 'Grace Kelly' which reached number #1 on the UK Singles Chart on 21 January 2007. Mika prefers not to discuss his sexuality with journalists, but there is some speculation he is gay. Mika's music is awesome.
'Grace Kelly', 'Lollipop', 'Happy Ending' are all songs off his frickin' brilliant album 'Life in Cartoon Motion'. GO MIKA!
by Hannah March 25, 2007
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Who's lezbian parents are very filthy and want to see their child mike be made fun of for life.They wanted to name their child mike hunt for reasons whenever they say his name - it brings memories from the night before.
Lezbian parent 1 molly "Where is Mike Hunt?" Lezbian parent 2 anna "Why don't we go find out"

Teacher- "Is Mike Hunt here today?" Smartass kid- "He's actually really sore and won't be at school today."
by Hannah February 11, 2005
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The amount of miles your vehicle can travel with one gallon of gas.
My car gets 24 miles per gallon
by Hannah July 8, 2003
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First heard, August 24th, during closing shift at a large international clothing retailer, in reference to a request though can be used in different contexts.
"please neatinize the store" I.e. ensure that everything is neat, everything in its palce.
"Jon Doe needs to neatinize his hair down there, as it is like going on a hunting expedition to find the goods!"
by Hannah August 24, 2004
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An uncool person who acts as cool as possible, and sometimes snorts during laughter. Acts similar to a testicle when confronted about this.
Oh my god look at those wanksta nerdballs.
by Hannah March 10, 2005
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