102 definitions by Hannah

1.Boity means whatever you want it to mean.
2.Boity can also be a name.
Can be shortened to Boit.
1.You are looking really Boity today!
2.Hey Boity!(and man would reply:o hey boit!)
by Hannah January 21, 2004
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An interjection, best used when there is nothing else to say.
by Hannah October 20, 2003
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fiiinch!!! whoo hoo! go them
they kick ass
purrs and finch is at my doorstep
by Hannah January 17, 2004
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a band where no one knows how to play any insrtuments. the best band ever
Bob:did u hear germany paper play last night? they rocked!
Joe:dude, wat are u talkin about? germany papers just a bunch of hot chicks who cant play!
by Hannah May 29, 2004
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The worst thing in the whole wide world times 72.5

My incredibly random friends and I were driving back home from the movie Constantine when one of my friends emitted the word RUSTIFER and it was been used in that context ever since.
1. Doing homework, why thats a rustifer!

2. One of my teachers is a rusifer.
by Hannah March 10, 2005
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