A ruggedly handsome man. 5'10" or taller, with rough calloused Hands, broad shoulders, Chest hair and facial hair. Hungry Men often star in romance novels. A Man who likes a home cooked meal. He can often be found wearing rubber boots, and likes typical manly things like Hunting, Fishing, Cars, Beer, etc. He is the opposite of a metrosexual.
See that hot guy? He is a hungry man!
by jRm88 April 1, 2011
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Quite simply, while sitting at the dinner table enjoying a meal, the eater is also recieving a blowjob from underneath the table.
After a long day at work, Kevin was super pissed to find his wife had left to run errands. He had become acustom to getting a hungry man, but instead is left with little option but to just go ahead and eat by himself
by wolfmans brother October 27, 2011
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a full meal that costs a little over $2. Buy the chicken parm, mexican fiesta, and lasagna. Comes with a side of potatoes and a brownie.
I went to Kroger and bought 7 hungry mans...my lunch for the next week.
by Aleks b August 27, 2006
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The best way to prepare and consume all of your meals. This brand of TV dinners is incredibly affordable for those ballers on a budget that want to eat like a king. Hungry Man has several kinds of meals such as Cajun-Style Chicken Alfredo, Lasagna Flavored with Meatballs, Classic Fried Chicken and many more. Gordon Ramsay once ate a Hungry Man and he's forgotten about locating the lamb sauce ever since.
"Charlie, what you munching on over there?"
by CoolManHungryMan November 15, 2018
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Performing cunnilingus & analingus during a single sexual session.
I don't know what she is complaining for? She got the "hungry man's special"
by Grays Ferry Sparky December 8, 2015
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When you smash a chick that you would ordinarily NEVER smash but for the fact that you were so damn horny!
After striking out with every other chick in the club, Tyrone ended up going home with Keisha on the low as a Hungry Man Shot! (She was a Hungry Man Shot)
by BoomerNYC July 5, 2017
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A female who will do absolutely anything to get a man.
Shes such a man hungry whore, she sent nudes to a guy she only knew for an hour .
by #1_trap_bitch December 17, 2016
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