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The lowest level of programming language known in computer science. Rarely used due to its intense complexity and incredibly vast array of instructions available. The basemost language understood by most computers and CPU's. Only computer programming gods know this intense language.

Wanna learn machine language? You better study computer mathematics and CPU/Memory architecture first.
6 5 5 5 5 6 bits
op | rs | rt | rd |shamt| funct R-type
op | rs | rt | address/immediate I-type
op | target address J-type

machine language is cruel, but the ultimate weapon when developing software.
by Rale May 13, 2008
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A mid-size truck built by Daimler Chrysler from 1987 - today. One of the only mid-size trucks to come with an available V8 engine which made it popular with the truck enthusiast crowd when it came to racing or towing capability.

Unfortunately, like its other Chrysler brethren, suffered from transmission based problems in its earlier days but has become much better in the past 10 years. Regular cab models are no longer available due to the Chrysler's sales of regular cab model Dakota's slimmed heavily in the past few years.

The 2008 model Dakota comes with a redesigned 4.7 liter V8 pushing 302 horsepower and 329 lb/ft of torque, a substantial increase from its earlier gen 4.7 liter motor, which was rated at 230 hp and 295 lb/ft of torque.
The Dodge Dakota has been a very popular truck for many reasons.

Its towing capacity surpasses many of the capacities of other trucks in its class.
by Rale May 13, 2008
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What happens when ejaculation and ovulation occur without the aid of masturbation.
Procreation makes the world go round. So do muffins and Jeep's.
by Rale July 23, 2008
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Today's version of the milk man. Delivering delicious frozen goodies to urban families everywhere. Usually delivers different forms of ice cream, breakfast foods, or other forms of frozen treats such as hot pockets (knock offs of course, but still awesome) and different kinds of frozen, microwaveable sandwiches.

He drives a huge ass tan colored delivery truck with doors all over it and a big picture of a swan painted on the side.

He also carries a little calculator looking hand computer that he presses buttons on with a pen and makes cool "beep beep boop boop beep" sounds.
The schwans man is here! Time to get some of those badass frozen toaster waffles and steak and egg biscuits!
by Rale May 15, 2008
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I put a hot pocket in the microwave and my god, it did the strangest thing... it cooked itself!

Friend: What are you gonna make for dinner?

Me: Eh... prolly some left over mac 'n' cheese

Friend: But you cant cook it again, its already made!

*I put the mac 'n' cheese in the microwave and set the timer*

Both of Us: Oooooo.... magic.
by Rale May 15, 2008
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Morning breath so bad it is usually associated with peeling paint, dogs with their tails between their legs, crying babies, and reconfiguring your loved ones face.
Josh: Hey Steve, I need to pick up some paint thinner so I can take the paint off my Camaro's fenders.

Steve: No way man, Ill use my dragon breath, it worked wonders with my redecorating last night.
by Rale October 4, 2007
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