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Air Jordans consisting of a red and black colorway
Person 1: Yo I just got these brand new air jordans.

Person 2: What Colorway?

Person 1: Bred
by papo500 April 01, 2008
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To Bred someone or "Bredding someone" means basically to talk shit behind someone's back and then show love to there face. Someone who is fake like a pagan.
If someone doesn't like someone's music then see's that person out on road and asks for a picture with them, that's bredding.

"Yo, why you Bredding him for fam like your a fan, you told me last night you didn't like his music cuz"
by ManLikeVerne May 14, 2015
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1. An Adjective to describe Awesome or Amazing
2. Mixture of Black and Red
1. Chris Browse is Bred.
2. The colors of the new Nike Lunar Vapors are Bred.
by KF17 December 30, 2011
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when a girl starts her period unexpectedly while you're having sex with her. It is often at the worst possible times and after you've changed your sheets.
Guy 1: You get laid last night?

Guy 2: Yeah, but you'll never guess what that bitch did

Guy 1: Did she bleed?

Guy 2: (shameful silence)

Guy 1: Awwww, you got bre'd!!!
by Kirk Balm July 06, 2009
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