Air Jordans consisting of a red and black colorway
Person 1: Yo I just got these brand new air jordans.

Person 2: What Colorway?

Person 1: Bred
by papo500 April 1, 2008
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Short for brederin', a slang phrase for brother.
Yo, wussup bred?
Yeah bred!
by Seany C August 5, 2006
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A deliberate misspelling of bread, specifically for use in duck based memes when implying that the respondent is mentally deficient, on par with perhaps, a gamy duck
"it's never ok to feed ducks bred! I'm going to report your page innocent lives could be lost. Bred bred bred"
by Robottittymoot November 13, 2019
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Girl: Hey Bred
Guy: Hey Babe
by tittyfuckdat July 16, 2017
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This term is used to describe the mating habits of the people that inhabit the Appalacion or Ozark Mountains.(Also has been seen to happen in Rio Linda and Arbuckle, California.)This is the only true way to become a full blooded hillbilly.
Those hillbillies are so In-Bred that the son of the father's daughter is also the half-brother of the father.
by Mojo maniac July 23, 2008
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1. An Adjective to describe Awesome or Amazing
2. Mixture of Black and Red
1. Chris Browse is Bred.
2. The colors of the new Nike Lunar Vapors are Bred.
by KF17 December 31, 2011
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A Short Word For 'Inbred'
person1:OMG Look At Her..

person2:Yeah, She's A Right 'bred
by letmego February 11, 2008
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