To stick someone's head inside your windpants and fart. Like food inside a saran wrap container their head gets steamed.
He didn't enjoy the steamy smell of my microwave.
by Dave August 25, 2003
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due to personal reasons i will be making microwave noises in the corner for the next 3-5 business days
by SIlkeeeeeeeeeee July 14, 2020
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a weed smoking game. the rules are as follows: get several people to stand in a line. Fire up a joint and take a hit. Hold it in and pass it on. You cannot let it out until it has come back to you. During this time you must also be spinning around constantly as if in a microwave. Repeat several times. Best done in a hotbox situation.
EDMUND: i say how does a quick game of microwave sound to you chaps?
CHARLES: oh spiffing idea old boy!
EDMUND: oh my i am quite baked indeed.
by madtie2 September 30, 2009
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Haxor jargon meaning a server box full of drunken HD
<Paul>Man you're fucking getting on my nerves
<Robert>stfu man or I'mma grad your microwave!
by El-Tea August 04, 2004
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A fucking lovely utensil use for kys and cooking yeast infected bread
My nun just sharted on my bread I think i need a lovely microwave to sausage the toasted bread brotherman
by Yung spicy philapeno cochie November 03, 2019
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