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A (satirical) belief showing the hypocrisy of first world feminism by flipping the sexes and complaining about men's rights in a similar way to what first world feminists do.
(feminists then proved their point by getting upset about it)
They say I'm an idiot for being a meninist, but really, they're an idiot for not understanding satire.
by ittybittyholly February 07, 2015
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Common misspelling of the Portugese word meninho, meaning "little boy". Most often used to describe very childish misogynist grown men.
Kyle is a grown man that prefers to act like a child, Kyle is a meninist.
by youthofnausea January 28, 2015
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A person who supports the dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women.
Garret and Mitt are meninists and they don't realize meninism is just misogyny.
by bage January 19, 2015
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not a real movement, just sexually fustrated guys trying to piss off feminists
-see that dude with a meninist t-shirt? obvious virgin.
by FIDLARsdead December 27, 2015
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Not a real word. What people believe is the male counterpart of "feminist."
The actual word is "masculinist."
"Oh he's such a meninist"
"No you idiot. That's not even a word. He's a masculinist"
by whatrealwordsare June 04, 2015
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A person (often a man) who mocks feminism in attempt to seem masculine and powerful. This is often done by making themselves look like the victim.
This kid is totally a meninist. He keeps trying to make it look like women are trying to overpower men when really, all they want is to be equal.
by elfqueen February 24, 2015
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