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An absoulutly amazing guy who is crazy nice and respectful. Garret's tend to be tall and pretty hot ;). They have ah-mazing eyes and they're hilarious! They are loyal to their friends and tend to fall hard for their best girl friend. They can also be very protective of their best girl friend and when someone is mean to Her he will stand up for her. He is wicked athletic and is great at every sport he plays. Any girl would be lucky to have a garret.
Girl one: my boyfriends name is garret!

Girl two: give him to me now.
by As_long_as_he's_mine June 11, 2012
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Amazing kid at anything he tries, usually has brown hair and is the perfect person, will never give up on anything he loves. Every girl wants a Garret.
Damn your boyfriend wont give up on you will he? he's being a garret, i like it :)
by TKAMB November 06, 2008
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a stupid white motherfucker who lacks hygiene that participates in rigorous courses and extracurriculars like UIL and AP classes to make himself seem smart when in reality heโ€™s the laziest bitch alive and is not ranked high because of his sloth looking ass. He thinks heโ€™s the shit because of his high PSAT and SAT scores but actually all prestigious colleges rejected him and he has resorted to going to a public college because of it. He enjoys using tinder on his free time because no one wants a guy who doesnโ€™t wash his hair and smells like garbage however his pictures are quite the catfish.
Damn, that Garret dude smells fuckn badโ€ฆ I went on a date with him after we matched on tinder and never again will I go again.
by garstoner June 12, 2018
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Hottttt, funny, really good kisser. Always a good time and a good one time hookup or boyfriend. Can really do it all, text him whenever you need some fun.
"Last night I was snap chatting garret and he was such a good time"
by FBGMx2 July 29, 2016
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A young loving boy searching for the right woman in his life but has to go through obstacles since he is gay.
Garret I love you
by iswearilove you December 24, 2015
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