Billy was Butthurt at the fact that Sylvester took a potato chip from his potato chip bag.
by Thugger Mcblackington August 4, 2015
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When someone is mad or throwing a temper tantrum because of a joke or something trivial. DISCLAIMER: Being butthurt does not mean someone who is mad after someone relentlessly bullying someone. Look up the definitions for Schrodinger's douche bag.
Bill was butthurt after I said that that his sideburns were uneven.
by FuckYouAndy March 25, 2020
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When someone gets offended and or upset over something.
Karen got butthurt when someone told her to go fuck herself.
by PhoenixGamer34 May 20, 2022
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A. When a person gets overly offended for a non mean-spirited joke.
B. The state of being offended because of a joke your friend made and not talking to him or her because of said joke.
Ryan and Lucas are working on a table, Lucas asks Ryan to do a simple task yet Ryan is incapable of doing it well, when Lucas tries to help Ryan and tells him that he is doing a poor job, Ryan gets butthurt and goes inside Lucas' house to sit on the couch by himself and fume.
by Lucas Ignore February 4, 2011
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A person who may be a whiny little bitch, sad, upset, or pissed off about an event or something that occured.
Dan Hogan was all butthurt after someone had drawn a penis on his car.
by Butthurt October 27, 2008
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The definition of someone who is really pissed and or annoyed about something as if they just got fucked in the butt. REAL HARD
" Alexis was butthurt when the patriots lost the super bowl to the GIANTS twice!"

" Dimitri swallowed a toy bee and was butthurt that he couldn't shit for days" figuratively and literally
by Beavis and butthurt February 26, 2012
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Something you call people to ridicule them after you offend them because you're an asshole.
Troll123troll: fags r dum lol
Regular person: You're an idiot.
Troll123troll: lol u r butthurt fag
by Somethree January 24, 2016
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