Noun: Plural form of the objective personal pronoun 'me' that refers to the different versions, identities, features or parts of the speaker.
(Azra staring into me like staring into a fish tank)
Adil: Do you hate my contradicting mees?
by Adélie_shaw August 27, 2022
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individuals who do a lot of coke
the mees love the blow
by megamind2002 January 22, 2011
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Affirmative response. Sounds rather like a gruff bark.
Girl: Hey, wanna go to the river?
Boy: Mees
by arlowe May 20, 2005
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(V) A concept that originated in 2006 as the simple act of sleeping; later, it developed into an art form and a lifestyle. Derived from the annoying sound some humans make while sleeping (mmmmm meemeemeemeemee), the mee mee today involves a multitude of elements, including (but not limited to) various styles of initiating sleep as well as its own clothing line.

The mee mee itself comes in several varieties: the unadulterated mee mee (consisting of sleep without being bothered), the extended mee mee (consisting of an extended period of sleep), and the highly effective mee mee (consisting of sleep that makes one feel refreshed), and extending the mee mee (simply returning to sleep after waking up).

Other variations of the art form include "mee mee dives," which are constituted by elaborate and clever efforts to place oneself upon their respective bed. Said dives are typically graded on a difficulty scale of 1-5, with 5 signifying the most challenging dive. Further pertinent notes regarding the mee mee are listed below:

(1) The ultimate mee mee accessory is known as the "mee mee suit," which can best be described as an exceptionally comfortable blanket suitable for all things mee mee.

(2) Certain music can function as a highly effective mee mee accessory. This "mee mee music" typically includes any and all music with soothing or relaxing connotations. Examples of mee mee music include "Sparks" by Coldplay, "Piano Nocturne in Ebm" by Chopin, and anything by Nora Jones.

(3) Select alcoholic beverages also serve as valuable mee mee tools. While red wine is commonly considered the paramount "mee mee juice," liquor and beer also perform admirably toward the end-game, which is, of course, to assist in the mee mee.
"I will now proceed to take an unadulterated, extended, highly effective mee mee"

"Bitch shut up, I'm tryin to mee mee."

"Man, I had to get up mad early today for that test, I could really go for more mee mee."

"I thought about fuckin Tiffany last night, but decided to mee mee instead. I fucked her this morning though. Then I extended my mee mee."
by Lord Travius March 19, 2007
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Moose in wild: Mee Meeeeee
Lady Moose: Gallops over
Baby Moose: 9 months later
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A common nickname for a female. She is normally intelligent, sweet, and remarkably honest.
Her name had to be Mee Mee because she was a sweetie pie!
by isthisajoke27 March 9, 2015
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A really great looking with a lot of charisma who picks up al the ladies
That Mees is a great human being, and i want to spend all of my life with such a great looking guy.
by Meesthegreatguy October 8, 2019
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