Gruff: (N) The prickly facial hair on a male human. Often makes a male appear more mature than he actually is. Is greatly appreciated in many cultures, and seen as an attractive "boost".
"Wow, he is really hott!"
"Of course he is... he has gruff"
by caliiii November 27, 2007
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the word gruff describes a particualar type of grim muff therefore gruff
"woo joe look at that complete gruff in the corner"
"ya ,but she's my mum so ye"
by the goth fairy July 31, 2009
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it's not weird, it's gruff...
by cheech July 25, 2003
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In a lesbian relationship, the dominant character or 'male' is the gruff.
Wearing a boy's haircut, jeans, and tattoos, you could tell that Marty was the gruff in the relationship.
by Richard Black March 28, 2005
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When playing Tiger Woods golf and you hit your ball in the grass and the rough.
Damn Vicky, I hit my ball into the gruff!
by Ed Dillon December 8, 2005
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Gruff is a term for pubic hair. Mostly for men.
"Dude, i just shaved my gruff"
by Joey the 3rd October 21, 2005
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Old ladies pubic hair- from the terms muff and gray.
Today i saw a gruff whilst working in the old peoples home.
by chrissyboy November 8, 2005
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